What’s So Special About Designer Dresses?

There comes a time where each and every one of us ladies considers getting a designer dress.

Why do we turn to designer dresses? What’s so special about designer dresses?

There are a number of reasons, and each individual gives a different weight to each one, but usually the reasons are from the following:

1. Quality – Designer clothes in general tend to be made out of a better quality fabrics than retail sold ones.

The quality of fabrics has a direct correlation with how long the clothes last.

Dresses made with high quality fabrics are more likely to last longer than poor quality ones and are also more comfortable than ones made with poor quality ones.

2. Design – Each designer has a unique style that they use to design the dresses/clothes they make. Designer clothing are more “opinionated” than clothes designed for mass market which usually shows in either the use of patterns, colors, materials or a combination of them all.

This is usually the main reason why people get designer dresses/clothes.

3. Uniqueness – Designer clothes, at least when the designer is still at the beginning of his career path, aren’t made in large quantities and are not sold worldwide or even across the country.

This means that when you buy a dress from your local designer, it is not likely that you will see that same dress being worn by lots of women all over.

4. Cost – There are two aspects to getting designer dress because of the cost.

When the designer is at the beginning of his career and not well known, designer dresses can be relatively cheap and in good quality, so one could save some money by getting them.

Later along the way, when the designer is known and appreciated, the cost of their clothes is higher, usually even more than the average cost of a similar item.

Since the designer is already well known and appreciated, the clothes are tagged with a “status symbol” of being lucrative.

5. Status symbol – Wearing a designer dress has an associated to a status depending on the designer style and branding. For instance, if the designer dress is aiming to be a high end lucrative brand and the quality of the dress is extremely good then it will be tagged as “luxury”.

Everybody has their own reason for getting a designer dress and for that matter, all reasons are good reasons. The intent for this article was to describe the most common reasons that bring us ladies to buy our designer dresses.